Lamb and Goat feeds

Replacer™ is an instant mixing all milk protein complete first feed for lambs. It provides the entire nutritional requirements of the baby lamb from its second day of life through weaning.

Doe's Match™ Milk Replacer Product Code: DK50
New LAND O LAKES® Doe’s Match™ Premium Blend Kid Milk Replacer is the best choice a producer can make to help kids reach their full potential. It outperforms other milk replacers. It even outperforms goat’s milk.

Now it’s both practical and profitable to use milk replacer. Doe’s Match™ Kid Milk Replacer is specially formulated for the nutritional needs of goats.

Lambs N' KIDS™ Starter Product Code: LKP
"Lambs N' KIDS™ (No Copper Added) Starter Pellet is a pelleted ration with Deccox & Ammonium Chloride."

Meat Goat Pellet™ Product Code: MGP50
Poulin Grain's Meat Goat Pellet™ is an 18% protein pellet formulated to be fed to meat goat kids from about 4-7 days old until the animal reaches slaughter weight.

Sheep 1:1 Mineral™ Product Code: SHEEP11
"Sheep 1:1 Mineral™ (No Copper Added) is a free choice vitamin and mineral supplement for sheep."

Sheep Complete™ Pellet Product Code: SHEEP50
Sheep Complete™ is a complete pelleted ration for sheep over 100 lbs of body weight.

Stock NCA 16%™ Sweet Product Code: NCA16
"Stock NCA 16%™ Sweet (No Copper Added) is specially blended for Dairy, Beef, Sheep and Goats."

Sweet Goat 18%™ Product Code: GOAT
"Sweet Goat 18%™ is a high energy textured feed formulated to be fed to all goats."

Contains added copper -
Do Not Feed To Sheep!